collax-tecReasons we need COLLAX:

  • Limited source of Genuine leather all over the world.
  • To make genuine leather is a high energy consumption and high pollution process, which enhances the environmental burden.
  • For existing microfiber leather, it has poor performance of hygiene and formability, and also lacks of the beautiful full grain layer and great sense of touch, by which significantly affect its using and wearing comfort.
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Brand new technology, which makes nylon microfiber leather chemically modified.

Air and water vapor permeability exceed genuine leather, which makes excellent hygienic property.

Unique after-finishing technology makes similar styleappearance, and great touch as genuine leather.

Environmental friendly and does not contain harmful chemicals which are restricted by local regulations.

Mechanical property surpass genuine leather and 20% more of material utilization than genuine leather.

The protein also lead hydrophilic groups into microfiber, which highly increased capability of water absorption.

Ease the burden of environment.

  • Energy we used to make the new microfiber leather – COLLAX is 25% lower than the existing microfiber leather and 55% lower than making genuine leather.
  • 170kg industrial wastewater, 0.213kg CODCr , 1.423kg solid waste and 0.143g chromium can be reduced from using each square meter of the COLLAX instead of genuine leather.