• Sanling Microfiber Workshop

    Sanling Microfiber Workshop

Reputable Microfiber Leather Factory In China

Sanling, established in 2010, is one of the most rapidly growing microfiber leather factories in China. With a dedicated investment of over USD10,000,000 and a talented team of engineers and management professionals, Sanling is committed to providing sincere service to its international and domestic clients.

Over the past decade, Sanling has made significant investments in new infrastructure, quality management systems, passionate staff, and a dedicated technology department. Leveraging our unique technology, Sanling consistently delivers excellent microfiber leather products and has experienced unparalleled growth in the market.

In addition, the microfiber leather factory – Sanling prioritizes our responsibilities to society and the environment. Our commitment to environmental protection runs deep, and we have dedicated resources not only to our production line but to developing technologies that protect the planet. Ultimately, our goal is to improve the lives of people around us.

New Products 

Our revolutionary new product, solvent-free microfiber leather Extra-Frontier, represents one of our key solutions for protecting both the environment and our customers’ well-being. This product’s unique features make it an ideal substitute for solvent-based faux leather.

As a leading microfiber leather factory, Sanling is more than a mere producer-there is a message behind our products. Our team firmly believes that our products are more than just an alternative to traditional faux leather-they are a high-tech material that offers people an innovative, sustainable solution for a better life.

Our philosophy

While making a profit is essential for any factory, it cannot be the only focus. It is the responsibility of the factory to its shareholders, employees, and society at large to strive for greater goals. At our factory, we believe in fostering a harmonious relationship between enterprise and humanity. We are guided by several core values:

  • To live a simple and trustworthy life is our top priority. We believe that simplicity is the key to success and strive to make everything we do as straightforward and efficient as possible. Our first step in any project is to simplify it to its core.
  • We take responsibility for our actions, accepting that problems will inevitably arise. We take the time to consider what we can and cannot do before beginning any project, so we can ensure successful outcomes.
  • We respect everyone and strive to help others succeed. We are dedicated to serving our customers and partners, and we support our employees in reaching their full potential. We understand that the success of Sanling is dependent on the success of those we work with.
  • We prioritize high-efficiency work practices, from product research and development to our management strategies. We understand that the best use of our resources is key to achieving optimal efficiency.
  • We recognize that change is a constant in our world, and we strive to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape. We respect the inevitability of change and make a concerted effort to remain flexible in the face of it.

We locate in Ji’an City of Jiangxi province, which is the mid-east of China mainland.

105 peoples working in our factory, and still increasing.

We offer solutions to people who is eagerly searching for new technology in artificial and functional leather industry.

Please call us: +86 796 8411333 or

email us : [email protected]

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