• Sanling Microfiber Workshop

    Sanling Microfiber Workshop

Trustable Microfiber Leather Factory In China

Since established in 2010, Sanling is one of the fastest developing microfiber leather factories in China.

Invested more than USD10, 000, 000, possessing talented engineers and management team, Sanling devoted herself to serve customers both from international and domestic market with its sincerity.

Over the past 10 years, Sanling has invested significantly in new company infrastructure, key quality management, enthusiastic staff, and our very own dedicated technology department. Moreover, thanks to the unique technology, Sanling provides brilliant microfiber leather continuously to the market and has gained unprecedented growth.

Besides, Sanling is always trying the best in the responsibilities of society and environment improvement. Not only dedicated resources in the production line but also environment protection technology, caring about people’s life is the most important goal of our business.

New Products after 10 years

The new creation of solvent-free microfiber leather Extra-Frontier shows one special solution for life and environment protection. Furthermore, the unique feature of Extra-Frontier also provides customers a good substitution of solvent faux leather.

As a microfiber leather factory, Sanling is not only working in the way of a producer but also delivers the information: ‘Sanling microfiber leather is more than faux leather, it’s a better high tech material and give people innovative choice to make life better’.

Our philosophy

It’s important for a factory to set the goal of making money. This is the responsibility for the shareholders, for the employees, and for the society. But it can not be the only goal. We believe in the harmony of the relationship between enterprise and human beings.  Here we have several values:

  • To be honest and trustable people. To be a simple guy who speaks and works in a simple way is what we think the easiest way to live. The first thing we try to do the best is ‘make it simple’.
  • Be responsible for what we have done. It’s common for people to face the problem. Not only one person but also one enterprise needs to be responsible for the outcome. So, we must consider carefully before we start. What we can do and what we can not do.
  • Respect people and help others succeeding.  We serve our partners and customers for their success. And we also help our employees to achieve their own values. Sanling will be better only because of the better customers and employees.
  • Pursuing high efficiency of work. We do R&D for products, as well as management issues. We believe the most efficient work comes from the best way of using the resource.
  • We know constant change is always the truth of the world. We respect the change, and always remind ourselves to adapt to the changing situation.

We locate in Ji’an City of Jiangxi province, which is the mid-east of China mainland.

105 peoples working in our factory, and still increasing.

We offer solutions to people who is eagerly searching for new technology in artificial and functional leather industry.

Please call us: +86 796 8411333 or

email us : [email protected]

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