Before using microfiber faux leather, we need to know more about it.

It is not as simple as normal faux leather. People who just starting to learn may be confused by some basic ideas. For example, regular (figured sea-island) or irregular (un-figured sea-island ) microfiber leather. What exactly do they mean?

What fiber used in the microfiber faux leather?

Regular and irregular fiber pictures under the microscope:

fiber picture of different microfiber leather

Firstly, as we can see from the above picture, the regular fiber (figured sea-island) microfiber has the island fiber(small fiber in one big fiber) in regular shape, quantity, and position. By the way, it can be controlled in the production.

Secondly, in the right section of the above picture, the Irregular fiber (un-figured sea-island) microfiber means different quantity, shape, and position of small fiber in one big fiber. And the spinning process can not control them. As a result, the two microfiber faux leather appears differently.

Thirdly, the following is details of fiber data:

microfiber suede

*Continuity of fiber means one regular fiber has no broken in the length direction. But the irregular fiber is broken randomly in the length direction. As a result, irregular fiber is not uniform.

*Ratio surface or specific area of regular microfiber is stable as a fixed number of islands(small fibers inside of big fiber). Because of the random quantity of islands in irregular fiber, the ratio surface is much bigger than regular microfiber. The ratio surface impacts the dyeing process of the material.

Cross-section picture of Microfiber faux leather under the microscope
microfiber leather under microscope
The microfiber faux leather contains fiber and PU.

Because of the difference between the structures of fiber, the material also becomes different. Below is the combination of two kinds of material:

composition of microfiber leather
The specialty of two different types microfiber faux leather:
different specifications of microfiber faux leather
Environment protection:

Because of the higher percentage of PA6 used in regular microfiber faux leather, the total cost of raw material is much higher than irregular ones.

In conclusion, people need to know the specialty of the material to use them appropriately.

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