RECYCLE Microfiber Suede


  • Climate change is a global problem,with the increase of carbon dioxide emissions in various countries, the greenhouse effect is aggravated, posing a threat to life systems. In this context, using recyclable things is particularly necessary.
  • SANLING Microfiber has taken part in the development of environmental protection, we combine recycled nylon and waterborne PU together. By using recycled nylon, we can use less fossil oil and slow down global warming. Waterborne PU do not contain any organic solvent such as DMF, which can also lighten environment burden.

Microfiber Suede Leather for Sofa

The surface material of sofa adopts Sanling Microfiber Suede Leather, which is soft and fine. Microfiber Suede Leather makes your sofa more durable, and often last longer than other average leather sofa, A quality microfiber suede leather sofa will keep it’s shape and looks for years, what’s more, microfiber suede is less stain resistant also easier to clean.

Sanling provides microfiber suede leather for Sofa with two categories,One is Oritend , which is traditional microfiber suede leather, that closed to nature leather and show excellent advantages beyond nature suede. The other one is Extra-frantier, which is our new product solvent-free microfiber suede. ( USE WATERBORNE PU, NO ANY DMF CONCERNED).

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Why Sanling microfiber suede leather is the ideal alternative of real leather

Why Sanling microfiber suede leather is the ideal alternative of real leather

When more and more people oppose killing animals and using real leather in nowadays, people also want to know which is the ideal alternative of real leather.

The best answer definitely is Sanling microfiber suede leather.( Series of  Oritend and Extra-frantier)

Sanling microfiber suede is the high-end synthetic leather(Faux leather). Simulated the structure of real leather, using sea-island superfine polyamide microfiber and hight-grade polyurethane resins as raw materials, with needle punched non-woven technology of 3D structure, has a lot of similar characters as real leather. however better physical & chemical performance, has been widely popular around the world.

Because of excellent performance, with feature of abrasion resistant,good flexibility,breathable, moisture permeable,anti-tear,anti-scratch, acid resistant,soft hand feeling, rich color,uniform thickness , light weight and so on, Sanling microfiber has been the best leather substitute.can totally take place of real leather in a lot of fields.

High quality microfiber suede

Sanling offers microfiber suede with thousands of colors. All of the microfiber suede are high quality grade, with favorite style, good hand feeling, excellent writing effect, nice color, heavy density, eco-friendly etc. it is superior to genuine leather, and can replace genuine leather perfectly!

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microfiber suede for car interior

Microfiber suede for automotive interior

microfiber suede for automotive interior

Microfiber suede can dress the seats, dashboard, door panels, steering wheel, and more interior parts of the vehicle. This is the perfect material to replace natural leather. People seldom use natural suede to decorate the automotive interior, but Sanling microfiber suede is a perfect material for inside the vehicles. Durable,  and textured luxury touching and lightweight are all the advantages of Sanling microfiber suede.

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microfiber suede for accessories

Microfiber suede for accessories

microfiber suede for accessories

Microfiber suede is soft with a little resiliency, which can protect other functional parts of the product. For example, there is one layer of microfiber suede in the mobile-phone case, it’s not just for decoration, but also for the protection of the mobile phone. If using such suede outside the phone case, the unique touching of microfiber suede will attract attention of the consumer easily.

People can use Sanling microfiber suede for fashion accessories of shoes, hats, bags, and other wearing products.  And also for accessories such as jewelry packages, make-up bags, IT accessory, stationeries, and ect. Moreover, the more widespread use for labels or appliques of garments.

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microfiber suede for bags

Microfiber suede for bags

microfiber suede for bags

As we can see above picture, the green microfiber suede is quite fitting for the fashion bag.

This bag uses the thickness of 1.0mm microfiber suede, it’s strong and endurable for daily use.

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microfiber wipe

Microfiber Wipe

Microfiber wipe-another valuable product from Sanling microfiber

Most of the microfiber wipe in the market are woven fabric. Sanling microfiber is a nonwoven fabric which similar to Chamois. The nonwoven fabric has a more complex 3-D structure inside, as numerous quantities of tiny microfiber tangle together. Hence, such a complex 3-D structure makes the cloth absorbing water absolutely easy. On the other hand, this structure forms a great many small rooms inside the cloth. These small rooms can maintain more dust compare to normal microfiber wipe.

Furthermore, people are easy to clean the Sanling microfiber wipe. Why? nonwoven fabric is not as tight as woven fabric. Fibers will move easily while people rub and twist the cloth.

There is another very important advantage of the Sanling nonwoven wipe. People can cut the wipe to any size they want. DIY is possible while you use nonwoven fabric! Maybe you will through away the woven fabric if it is very dirty after using, you will not cut it as they have the frame all around. And another reason is, maybe it will get a lot of lint after you cut the cloth. But you don’t need to be worried about cutting a nonwoven microfiber wipe. You can definitely cut some part if it is dirty enough. And for the rest, just use it as new.

If people want to clean the screen, mirror or other smooth surfaces, the tiny microfiber fabric is really soft to protect them. As a result, people don’t need to worry about the scratch on the surface.

Microfiber wipe is also lightweight. You can choose the weight of nonwoven fabric lower than 300 grams per square meter.

In conclusion, Sanling microfiber wipe provides people a great cleaning experience. It’s the very best cleaning wipe for daily use.

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microfiber base for bag reinforcement

Microfiber Base for Bag Reinforcement

microfiber base for bag reinforcement

Bag reinforcement material-Sanling microfiber leather

Bags need reinforcement to keep the outstanding shape. Sometimes when making a bag, once finished, it doesn’t look as imagined. And when people put something inside, it loses its shape and spoils the design. Or, the bag looks good, but people may feel something is wrong. The reason may be the wrong reinforcement.

Someone said microfiber suede reinforcement is the sole of a bag. Sanling microfiber base is strong,flexiable and bouncy. Hence, it makes the bag more endurable and more valuable.

New Generation

The waterborne microfiber base will be the next product with great value for high-end reinforcement. It contains all the features of the original microfiber base but more eco-friendly. We are happy to recommend Extra-Frontier the waterborne microfiber to you.

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