Market leader in Microfiber Leather From China

Since established in 2010, Sanling has been one of the fastest developing manufacturers in the industry of microfiber leather in China.

Invested more than USD10, 000, 000, possessing talented engineers and management team, the factory devoted itself to serve customers both from international and domestic market with its sincerity.

Over the past few years, Sanling has invested significantly in new company infrastructure, key management, enthusiastic staff, inventory management, and our very own dedicated technology department. Thanks to the management direction of “Make the best quality and offer the newest fashion microfiber leather to the market”, Sanling has gained unprecedented growth and expansion throughout this tough economic time.

Not only dedicated resource to the production line but also in environmental protection technology, Sanling is trying to do the best in the responsibilities of society and environment improvement.

The factory has set up a professional R&D team and process to be the partner with world customers.

This includes:

Technical support to ensure quality before and after sales.
Statistical analysis to focus on the main seller and strong R&D to enable differentiation.
A group compound with top engineers and experts in China.
Fast development speed to ensure time effectiveness of the new product.
Invested around $1,200,000 each year from 2015 to 2017 for the new machine and new technology.

Where is Sanling Microfiber located?

We locate in Jiangxi province, which is the mid-east of China mainland.

How many people work at Sanling Microfiber?

105 peoples working in our factory, and still increasing.

Which certifications does Sanling Microfiber hold?

Does Microfiber offer ecological products?

Yes. We offer innovative ecological products and solutions, for instance, made from waterborne PU. Please find more information in sustainability section.

Which raw materials does Sanling Microfiber use?

We use microfiber and both solvent and waterborne PU.

Who are the customers of Sanling Microfiber?

We offer solutions to people who is eagerly searching for new technology in artificial and functional leather industry.

I’m looking for an individual solution. How do I find the right contact person at Sanling Microfiber?

Please call us: +86 796 8411333 or

email us : [email protected]



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