Car Cleaning Cloth

Car cleaning cloth is not just a piece of cloth used to wash cars, you will find that there are many excellent characteristics when used in different scenes.

When there are stains on the desktop, car cleaning cloth can sweep and polish it; It does not matter if the cup is overturned, the car towel can immediately absorb water and save the embarrassing situation; Wiping the mirror, phone screen, and TV screen to look like you just bought it, and don’t worry damaging or scratching the screens.Meanwhile, Car cleaning cloth is completely washable and eco-friendly,anti-bacterial,chemical-free, breathable, reusable and machine washable.





Premium Chamois Cloth for Car

EXCELLENT ABSORBENCY – The Mighty Cleaner chamois cloth for car care, quickly absorbs and holds large amounts of water, leaving your car’s finish spotless and streak-free. Works great for cleaning spills, too. Our car drying cloth is like having a sponge and a towel in one.
HIGH-QUALITY – The delicate chamois cloth for car won’t scrape your car’s finish. The uniquely soft, scratch-free material was crafted to last for years. The lint-free design works on all types of surfaces. Other uses include household tasks like sopping up carpet spills or keeping your bathroom and shower spotless.
SIZE – it can be cut by any size as per client’s preferance,
EASY-TO-USE – When the towel gets too wet, just wring it out and keep going.The chamois cloth dries quickly,  Simply wash it to remove any dirt and grime build-up after using,  To keep your Chamois working as new, store it lightly damp in good condition.