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microfiber base for bag reinforcement

Microfiber Base for Bag Reinforcement

microfiber base for bag reinforcement

Bag reinforcement material-Sanling microfiber leather

Bags need reinforcement to keep the outstanding shape. Sometimes when making a bag, once finished, it doesn’t look as imagined. And when people put something inside, it loses its shape and spoils the design. Or, the bag looks good, but people may feel something is wrong. The reason may be the wrong reinforcement.

Someone said microfiber suede reinforcement is the sole of a bag. Sanling microfiber base is strong,flexiable and bouncy. Hence, it makes the bag more endurable and more valuable.

New Generation

The waterborne microfiber base will be the next product with great value for high-end reinforcement. It contains all the features of the original microfiber base but more eco-friendly. We are happy to recommend Extra-Frontier the waterborne microfiber to you.

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