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Premium Chamois Cloth for Car

EXCELLENT ABSORBENCY – The Mighty Cleaner chamois cloth for car care, quickly absorbs and holds large amounts of water, leaving your car’s finish spotless and streak-free. Works great for cleaning spills, too. Our car drying cloth is like having a sponge and a towel in one.
HIGH-QUALITY – The delicate chamois cloth for car won’t scrape your car’s finish. The uniquely soft, scratch-free material was crafted to last for years. The lint-free design works on all types of surfaces. Other uses include household tasks like sopping up carpet spills or keeping your bathroom and shower spotless.
SIZE – it can be cut by any size as per client’s preferance,
EASY-TO-USE – When the towel gets too wet, just wring it out and keep going.The chamois cloth dries quickly,  Simply wash it to remove any dirt and grime build-up after using,  To keep your Chamois working as new, store it lightly damp in good condition.